the sweetest thing

i really have to stop and wonder sometimes what sweet cheek's dad and i are doing so right that is making her grow into this sweet thing. seriously, she is. just last night we were eating dinner (as a family at the table- best time in the world) and she said "i am having fun together." yes, a 27 month old litte girl said that to her father and i. my jaw dropped and i wanted to cry (though i never do tear up as sensitive as i think i am). sweet cheeks will not eat a meal or a snack without saying, "i share with mommy" or "i share with daddy." nor does she ever hesistate to say "thank you" when she is given something. i really have no idea how we are doing it. makes me question, as so many other things make me do, the whole nature v. nurture theory. maybe it has nothing to do with anything her daddy or mommy do. is it possible that she was just born to be sweet? i think it is but i really like to think it has more to do with the first, something we are doing, maybe even an example we set.

i took her to see her very first movie on sunday. i knew if there was going to be a movie this child might sit through, it was going to be shrek the third. she absolutely loves anything and everything shrek these days. our last visit to the grocery store was a shrek shopping experience. we came home with shrek macaroni & cheese, string cheese, and yogurt. she even threw herself to the floor quite dramatically in the dairy aisle that had a shrek & donkey floor advertisement. it was so dramatic. needless to say, she is in love with the ogre. we made it through about 1 hour of the hour & 1/2 long movie. that was about an hour longer than i was exxpecting her to last. she did amazingly well in a theatre full of other kids aged 2-100. i loved that she was most proud of herself for being quit, though i attribute that to the dumdum she ate the entire time we were in there.

my last note of this post will be this: i can not stand fergie or any of her songs. how did she even put a record out. one line of her song out on the radio now actually says, "i'm gonna miss you like a child misses their blanket." not that all music should have quoteable lyrics but come on already. the only positive attribute i can see about fergie is her fiance, josh duhamel. enough said.

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