ballerina, you must have seen her

sweet cheeks is my beautiful ballerina. we bought her this little tutu style dress the other day and she was in heaven! we could barely get in the door of the house before she was begging me to put it on her. she was ecstatic! we get upstairs to her room, get it on her, and she quickly puts on her princess shoes as well. you could just see my little girls face magically light up. i knew she felt like a princess in that instant. amazing what a little tutu and some heels can do for the spirits of a toddler. wonder if it would have the same effect on me? no seriously- don't worry, i don't even own a tutu.

nothing says "happiness" better than the kiss on the face by blue dog!

sweet cheeks wanted to take phoebe and her doggie for a walk on monday night. we were outside for about 5 minutes before the mosquitos planned their attack on us. it was not a pretty site. we then scratched our way back into the house, which in a time of war, felt like a very long way. we had lost that battle hands down.

here she is posing next to phoebe. what you can't see in this picture is her doggie, which was really a ball on a string. you have to love their imaginations at this age.

here she is proudly posing with all of her stickers that she got from the pediatricians office earlier in the day. i brought her in for a congested cough, which of course was just a virus we could do nothing about other than wait. sweet cheeks wanted her grandma to see just how many stickers she got for being such an amazing trooper when the nurse was slowly pinching and squeezing small drops of blood out of sweet cheeks tiny pin-pricked finger. i, as well as the nurses in the lab, were quite amazed.


Sara said...

I love the ballerina outfit- she is so cute in it!

Mom said...

One of the two most beautiful ballerinas I have ever seen, (the other one lives in Woodstock).

I am so amazed at the strength and imagination of children in the situations they face whether shots or mosquitoes.

Bettina said...

Oh, I love the pose of SCC outside next to her stroller. She's a cutie!