matt damon

i love matt damon. i loved him as jason bourne in all 3 of the bourne movies-identity, supremacy, and ultimatum. the first and third being my favorite. not sure i cared for him much prior to these movies. though i did enjoy "good will hunting."

this song about matt damon by sarah silverman was actually just nominated for an emmy and i love it! the song is freakin hilarious (to my parents if you are reading this post, don't watch the clip- a bit too much language which i do not use but do think adds to the humor of the song) i hope everyone else finds it as funny as i do!

here is a photo of matt damon in character for a new movie he is in called "the informant" in which he had to gain 30lbs! it's not pretty-

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Bettina said...

I LOL soo hard when I saw that video on Youtube. Did you see the one with Affleck and Kimmel? That's funny too!