sweet nibblets & sweet sarcasm

who doesn't love some good sarcasm every now & again? the husband and i are both pretty sarcastic people. we don't work at it, it just naturally comes out of us. sweet cheeks has it in her dna to be this way & is already becoming a bit sarcastic herself. just the other day for instance while brushing her teeth, she turns to me and says "why are you just standing there, do you work H-E-R-E!" i was a bit shocked but then it came to me. i realized where she had gotten it from. sweet cheeks is sarcastic, but she isn't learning this from her parents. she is learning it from a teenage millionaire named miley cyrus!

sweet cheeks has really gotten into the hannah montana show. her older cousin watches it, so of course sweet cheeks wanted to watch it to. at first, i thought it was cute that she wanted to mimic her cousin. then i thought it was even cuter that she would sing the theme song right along with the show. it was also cute when she asked for some hannah montana pj's at target the other day, which we did get her. the show is pretty funny. billy ray, i mean robby ray, quite often jokes about his old mullet which we all so clearly remember-

and her brother jackson is goofy. but i am now seeing the downside to letting my toddler watch a show meant for girls quite a bit older than her. she has picked up some not so nice words like ugly and stupid. she is throwing show quotes at us left and right now. she turned to her daddy the other day and calmly said, "i don't know how to tell you this dad but JUST GO AWAY," emphasizing her point even more dramatically by throwing her hands in their air. i always knew that my kid had an amazing memory, and i have mentioned that before, but now that memory is being used for hannah quotes. i am torn. do i let her keep watching this silly show that she so enjoys and doesn't really understand in the first place? or do i nip it in the bud and hope that she finds a new show on sprout or noggin that is more age appropriate?

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