let freedom ring

we had a great fourth 4th of July. i can not believe sweet cheeks has been around for 4 of them already. time is flying by so fast (definitely not the first or last time i will say that). this was her 3rd time going to the parade and she was so into it. no doubt that her favorite part was the candy! most of the floats in the parade threw candy out to the kids and sweet cheeks loved running after it, then putting it in her bag. she ate quite a bit but i really think she enjoyed stock piling it in her bag more than eating it. she is really too much when it comes to her bags! the parade was lots of fun and we left after an hour and a half due to the heat. we came home afterwards for a mini-bbq of hot dogs & hamburgers with some friends. later that night we decided to try and take sweet cheeks for the very first time to see fireworks! we knew of a place close by that was doing them so we watched from a near by parking lot. it worked out perfectly as we had the same view with half of the noise. she absolutely loved it. i loved her all-natural 'ooh' and 'ahhh''s. she did great watching the fireworks but she did even better just staying up late. i feared she would be a cranky mess but she was too busy having fun. we really had a great day but it didn't end there.

ever since the parade, sweet cheeks makes me play 'parade' with her. one of us sits on the floor while the other walks in a circle, proudly waving a flag, and throwing out fake candy to the one parade on-looker sitting on the floor cheering. it is hilarious. she can do this about 20 times in a row, never tiring.

here are just a few of my favorite pics from the parade-

sweet cheeks when we first arrived. she sat patiently waiting for it to begin

sweet cheeks sitting with a friend & snacking on a cracker

the next two pics are of the girls in the witness protection program-
you can't see their faces but i really enjoyed watching the girls get so into the parade, waving their flags and waving to all the floats

a trip later that weekend to a local park was a lot of fun but sweet cheeks was ready to go after her second fall. the girl really does trip a lot!
here she is proudly climbing the rock wall

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Sara said...

I am cracking up due to your "witness protection" comment on the girls!