the alternative

i really think sometimes things just happen for a reason and i have the perfect example of that. this past weekend, i decided to once again join the husband and sweet cheeks for a quick morning out to yard sail. please do not even begin to get the impression that i enjoy doing this, because i still do not what so ever. the reason i go is because i really enjoy watching sweet cheeks do it. she really gets a kick out of it, and that is what puts a smile on my face. so we head out to an area that the husband found out was having a large neighborhood yard sale. they were so excited, me not so much. the first yard sale we hit was small. what the guy lacked in stuff, he overcompensated with in his sales pitch & personality. he pointed out clothes, nick nacks, and a few other things that he had for sale. next, he pointed us in the direction of a small box that looked to have 2 or 3 dvd's in it. i looked in and then i saw it. it was none other than the entire season 3 of punky brewster, not even taken out of it's plastic wrapping yet. how could this be.

As i slowly, still in awe, picked it up out of the box, the man tells me that we can have it for one dollar. ONE DOLLAR! this is a show that i absolutely loved as a kid. i could only hope now that sweet cheeks would love it as much as i did. so of course i bought it. my plan was to hopefully get sweet cheeks to like this show and slowly begin to wean her from her favorite show, hannah montana. my plan so far is working. sweet cheeks is really loving the new show. she is even already singing right along with the theme song. she really gets a kick out of punky's dog brandon. i love seeing her laugh to this show. i have to admit that i also enjoy watching it with her. it is a smack in the face of just how horrible the styles were back then. oh my gosh. it has already reminded me of jeans tucked into large, wigwam socks, as well as wearing two different colored high-top converse. what were we thinking. i will say that i love that the language is much better for a toddler than her other favorite show. we shall see if it sticks! but for only $1, i knew there was definitely no harm in trying.

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