bye bye hair

sweet cheeks has her daddy's hair color but sadly my hair texture. it consists of a thick, sorta straight, sorta wavy hair. her hair is pretty straight in the front and very wavy in the back. as it grew longer, it got more messy. i have been trying to convince her for a while now to go short but she was not interested. she just said, "i want long hair." but saturday, i won my battle. all it took was a bit of bribing on my part (yes, i believe bribing and parenting go hand in hand). sweet cheeks was promised a trip to claire's after her haircut for a purse and lip stick!

here is her before picture-

and the fresh new do which, in my opinion, was totally worth the trip to claires! i love it on her.

we went to a friend's house on saturday night to celebrate his 35th birthday. it was a great time and the kids all loved playing together. the dinner was a shrimp boil and sweet cheeks was so proud of herself for eating shrimp!

sweet cheeks on the swing

the husband stayed occupied pushing the kids on the swing

playing in the sandbox

just a cute shot


Sara said...

Love the new do (the orange dress too)! And Mr. P looks great with 3 girls ;)

Bettina said...