sweet cheeks had her first "real" birthday party which included school friends, as well as family. 19 kids, including sweet cheeks, were at this party. it was a bouncy house full of toddlers in organized chaos. they had so much fun. i really enjoyed watching sweet cheeks have fun playing with everyone.

here she is with two of her cousins-

the girls going down a slide together (which they did over and over and over)

all the kiddos at the party-

birthday cake time! sweet cheeks requested tinkerbell (despite the fact that everything else was hannah montana but it was her party). the cake was actually made up of 48 cupcakes and way too much icing.

icing face-

sweet cheeks actually halted on one of her tantrums to have her picture taken with me-

little rebel going up the slide- at the age of 4, she has decided to live life on the edge!

sweet cheeks cutie skirt is from crewcuts. it was adorable on her and went well with her little "4" shirt from etsy!


sweet cheeks asked me personally if i would post this picture on my blog. i was happy to do so. i am pretty impressed with her letter writing these days. she actually makes small letters, no longer those huge toddler sized ones! writing letters and coloring (as this picture shows) is usually what her pictures look like. she just loves to write. we need to work on the "N" as it is usually backwards, but still really great for a 4 yo. she even gets a few lower case letters in there now.

she also did this one for me on my lunch bag-


Sara said...

looks like the party was fun! very impressive about the writing- looks like a genius on your hands :)

aka Molly said...

Aughhh. the pink skirt looked adorable!!

Mom said...

Thanks for the update.
Always a treat!