now what do i do?

sweet cheeks had her first practice/game of soccer on saturday.

10 toddlers + 1 field + 1 ball = chaos

it took a bit to get started. felt like the coaches really weren't that organized, which i thought was a bit of a mistake considering the age they were coaching. so the kids got a little bored at first, unsure of exactly what was going on. by the time they started playing, it was kids running every which way for the ball or for their parents. each team was to have 5 players on the field but it would range from 3-6 at any given moment.

sweet cheeks did great though at the end. the beginning was another story. first the tears came when no one would give her the ball. i tried to explain that was not going to happen, that she would have to take the ball. once she was out on the field again, she and another girl head-butted. ouch! another round of tears sent her off the field. but then, once she got back out there, she rocked! she managed to get the ball into the goal 2 times. i think she caught on that when no one else had the ball, she would take it, run, and score. i was impressed. next week should be much better now that the kids all have a basic knowledge of the game.

practicing on the field before the game began

not sure what she was pointing at

game time- she was awesome.

we went to breakfast at mcdonalds afterwards. sweet cheek's choice. she is holding up her two fingers for the amount of goals she scored. i thought if i artistically showed this picture in part color, part black n white, i wouldn't catch so much heat for letting my child have mcdonalds after a soccer game!


my sister was sweet enough to keep sweet cheeks on saturday/sunday. i knew sweet cheeks would have a blast playing with her cousins for that length of time. plus, she went and saw the new hannah montana movie. what a great time she had.

the husband and i went to a friend's wedding saturday evening. due to an old camera and a few glasses of wine, this was sadly the best picture of us. the black/white made it look less blurry. we had a great time together. (though it was such a strange feeling sleeping that night at home without sweet cheeks there)

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Sara said...

we LOVE breakfast at McDonalds :)
(lunch and dinner too, haha) We took Catherine there for lunch for her 1st birthday and her 3rd!