performance day

sweet cheeks had a big day saturday. it was her first ever ballet recital. i was so excited to see her perform, since during her weekly practices parents do not get to watch. i always ask sweet cheeks to do a few moves for me once we are home, but she always responds with a quick no. i was really beginning to wonder if they were really evening learning ballet behind those closed doors. perhaps these toddlers had found a way to swindle their parents into a new weekly playdate which consisted of small talk, snacks, and silly play.

so the recital was the first real opportunity the husband and i had to see sweet cheeks do her ballet at the end of the 12 week course. and can i say that it was the absolute cutest thing i have ever seen! i loved sweet cheeks in her cute recital costume. then when the time came for her "performance," as she loved to say, sweet cheeks was all smiles. i think she enjoyed us watching her.

i am pretty sure you will find these pictures at least 1/2 as cute as i did.

being a silly girl with her tutu on her head-

all smiles-

during the recital-

sweet cheeks and her cousin after the recital with their new wands-


Sara said...

so adorable!

Mom said...

Why so surprised?