she said it

sweet cheek's easter was great. the bunny, which we weren't sure if it was a boy or a girl, brought her lots of goodies.

if you would have heard us talking on easter eve, you would have heard this conversation-

me: "do you want to hide your easter basket from the easter bunny?"

sweet cheeks: "no, i will just leave it out."

me: "do you want to leave it on the coffee table then?"

sweet cheeks: pauses for a moment to think. "which way will it come in?"

me: "good question. i have no idea."

she is a smart one.

just a few pictures from our holiday weekend.

in our front yard before we headed out for easter brunch with my sister, her husband, cailyn, and conley. you can't see it but sweet cheeks and phoebe have on the same dress. sweet cheek's shoes matched the flowers on the tree perfectly. they are crewcuts flops.

on her new birthday swing her aunt melissa gave to her

our photographer, sweet cheeks, took this pic of the husband and i

sweet cheeks and cailyn outside the restaurant

chasing her bouncy ball at the park

sweet cheeks and conley going down the slide

her 3rd and final outfit of the day- blowing bubbles at her nana's house

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Sara said...

the pic of you and hubby is great!