motherhood changes

i have no doubt that any mother to read this will agree that motherhood changes everything. i also will say that even though becoming a mother has been the best change i could have made in my life, it has affected so many areas i may not have expected before hand.

motherhood changes...

then: showered daily
now: every other day if i am lucky

then: hair brushed, dried, and flat ironed daily
now: hello headbands!

then: make-up in 20 minutes
now: 7 minutes tops

then: eyebrows waxed monthly
now: lucky i still have 2

then: low rider jeans
now: jeans with a waist to hide the love handles

then: clean house
now: clean kitchen

then: date night with the husband weekly
now: date night bi-monthly, 3 hours or less

then: pilates 2x a week
now: please!

then: flat abs
now: flat chest (goodbye capital C, hello lowercase b)

then: online shopping for me
now: online shopping for sweet cheeks

then: heels
now: flats

those are just a few. no wonder i rarely share photos of me.

what are some of your changes since entering the 'hood?

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aka Molly said...

My sleeping habits changed... well, what sleep. My eating habits changed... hello, mac&cheese. Even my voice changed... I find myself sounding more like my mother!