her choice, not mine

sweet cheeks is so independent.

i already miss the days when she would let me pick out her outfits for her.

i knew from the beginning though that i did not want getting dressed to be a daily issue for us, as there would always be bigger issues to deal with. in sum, i wanted to pick my battles. of course, that being said, we still have plenty of issues in the morning when sweet cheeks picks out her outfits. "it's too tight," "it's itchy," "it's too big."

if i had more of a say in what she wore, i would get sweet cheeks some tees from crewcuts. i won't waste my money because i know she would never wear them. she has a closet full of clothes with tags still on them but she always wears the same 3 shirts.

crewcuts has the cutest things.

this one is super fitting for my creative girl-

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aka Molly said...

What's the 3 shirts??