day at the museum

on any given day, you will find most of the rooms in our house to be fairly tidy. in contrast, on any given day, you will find my bedroom and bathroom in complete disarray. as much as i would love for my bedroom to be a peaceful sanctuary for the husband and me, it runs low on my list of things to do. i really prefer all the rooms in the house that we use, mainly meaning that others can see, to be clean. the living room, kitchen, play room, and sweet cheek's room must be clean for me to sleep well at night. how crazy is that. and that is just a small sampling of what goes on in this neurotic head of mine.

some how last week, i was so off schedule the entire week. every room in the house was a mess. seriously. right down to the guest room. GASP. the house was a wreck from top to bottom. unlike me, but i let it happen.

the husband, as wonderful as he is, took sweet cheeks out for the day on sunday so i could spend 4 straight hours cleaning the house. what an amazing change it made, to the house and to my mentality!

a museum near by was having a free family fun day on sunday, hosted by target(sweet cheeks favorite store EVER). so the husband and sweet cheeks spent a good couple of hours together there. sweet cheeks kept referring to the museum as church for some reason. wonder what the connection was for her? they even made it to the bowling alley after the museum to bowl a game together.

(photos taken with the husband's phone. did i mention how good he is!)

here she is coloring a backpack at the museum

she was really proud of this backpack and it was the first thing she showed me when she got home-

outside the museum-


Mom said...

Way to go hubby!

aka Molly said...

I'm the exact same way with keeping every room tidy but mine. I'm trying to do better since the kids are now noticing I don't practice what I preach!