we took the long way home

sweet cheeks and i have been doing some traveling the last 3 weekends. we have so much fun together. fortunately she does a good job of entertaining herself on car rides. and when that fails, we turn on a movie.

3 weekends ago, we were up in ellijay at the apple festival.

2 weekends ago, we spent the night with my sister.

this past weekend, we ventured up to my parents house for two days.

we started out on saturday morning. on our way up to the mountains, we hit the outlet mall for a few things from the gap. our first stop was a bit chilly but not bad. then along the way up, over half the mountain, we stopped to take in a beautiful view and admire the amazing colors of the leaves. again, it was chilly but the sun was shining on us so it wasn't bad. once we got out of the car in blairsville, i knew we were in for some very cold weather. and guess what? me being mother of the year and all didn't bring sweet cheeks a coat. it was so cold and i totally wasn't prepared. luckily on our way up she got a new fleece hoodie, so i just layered it with another fleece while we were outside. it was a cold, cloudy, and windy weekend in the mountains.

cold weather a side, we had a great trip. sweet cheeks absolutely loves visiting with her grandparents and uncle. we also had the chance to visit with some of my cousins, their kids, as well as some friends. we also stopped at the cutest country store for a pumpkin.

admiring the view and amazing colors-

we really enjoyed the gold, red, orange, and green leaves. the changing colors, along with the cold weather, made it really feel like fall.

on the porch swinging with grandpa. they braved the cold for a good bit. i braved it long enough to take a picture!

i made sweet cheeks hop out of the car quickly (while it was stopped- don't worry!) on a cold morning so i could take her picture in front of the honeysuckle lane sign, the road my folks live on.

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Beth said...

Very cute! I see she approved of her new shoes ;)