bye bye stickers, hello studs!

i have always been of the mind set that i didn't want to have sweet cheeks ears pierced until she was ready and asked for it herself. it would be her decision, not mine or the husbands. when sweet cheeks was 1 month shy of turning 4, she told the husband and me that she wanted her ears pierced. we were ok with that. so on the day of her birthday, we took her to claire's and she opted for a purse and hair brush over the earrings. since that day, she has said that maybe on her 5th birthday she would do it.

cailyn, sweet cheek's cousin, was going to have her ears re-pierced and asked sweet cheeks if she would do it with her. i was amazed that she agreed to this. so last night we went to claire's with the intention of both girls getting their ears pierced. sweet cheeks, of course, insisted that her cousin go first. turns out though that cailyn could not get her ears done due to having already been pierced and scar tissue. i knew for sure sweet cheeks was out by default.

well she surprised us all!

she sat so still in that chair, on my lap, and was ready to face it head on. she was brave as they cleaned her ears and prepped everything. she did say flinch and say "ouch" when they dotted her ears with marker where the earrings would go. but then the moment came that i had anticipated. she said she didn't want to. i didn't know what to do. she had made it this far and everything was ready to go. do i take her and just walk out knowing there is always another day for ear piercing, or do i tell her she can do it? my sister, 4 of sweet cheek's cousins, and i all cheered her on and she did it. thankfully there were two people working that night and did her ears at the exact same moment. and what a moment it was.

no tears. no screams. no nothing. just a shocked, white face at first, followed by a million smiles.

she was more than proud of herself. she asked all of us several times if we were proud of her. it was the absolute sweetest moment.

my sweet cheeks is such a brave girl.


Mom said...

Such a brave and beautiful girl.

Sara said...

Yay for SC!! She looks so proud of herself :)
I love that fall dress and bright headband too- cute!

Bettina said...

That was such a neat post to read. She was so brave and I loved her family cheering her on. Good thing she got both ears done at once. I love the pics of her. Those headbands with bows are very in style in Denmark, but I haven't seen many of them here. They are very pricey too, like $30.

aka Molly said...

Way to go SC!!!