let me take you down

junk food tees are so much fun. i love seeing some of the looks that were popular when i was a kid... many, many years ago!

i was looking for a beatles tee at sweet n sour tees for my 4 year old beatles fan, who doesn't even know she is a beatles fan. she is more like a fan due to the fact that i gave birth to her! she knows a lot of their songs because we sing them together at night, but i can't say i have ever played the actual beatles for her. pathetic, i know. i'll add that to my list of great music that i really need to expose my child to.

anyway, here are a couple of the tees that i liked

did i mention that one of sweet cheeks costumes for halloween is supergirl! gotta love girl superheroes.

who doesn't love charlie brown!

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aka Molly said...

Gotta love those lists!