sept, 2000- mar, 2012

before the husband and i got married, i was so not a dog person. didn't like dogs to come near me, lick me, or smell me. we got married in august of 2000. the husband mentioned getting a dog and for whatever reason i agreed. we got bodi in october of 2000. from the moment she rode home in my lap, i was hooked and 100% a dog person.

i barely remember her looking so tiny! though her paws never were small. and her ears! my gosh were they big. like satellite dishes on her head. it was so bodi though. she was the perfect shepherd.

she was such a great dog. friendly and protective all in one package. i loved that she was sweet with us but intimidating to others. that aspect made me feel safe with her.

our old house had a clothes line in the back yard. we attached a leash to that clothes line and bodi would play tug-of-war with herself forever.

this was her favorite sleeping place in our old house... our shower. we moved when she was 5 and i think she really missed that cold, walk-in shower.

bodi actually became a dog in march of 2005 when i had caroline. i think it was a bit hard on her at first not getting so much attention but she really was so good as a family pet. always gentle with caroline. i'm sad that hadley really won't have any memory of bodi.
we have a good size backyard but she always loved being out front with us. whatever we were doing, that was what she wanted to be doing. she was content just having us in her sight.

bodi, thank you for being an awesome pet and teaching me to be a dog person.

not a day goes by that we don't think about you and miss you.

we love you, bodi!


Ginny said...

Tear, tear...such a loving tribute to a dear family member.

SweetCheek's Dad said...

- Dad

Ginny said...

By the way, I like the new look.

JD said...

So sorry to hear about Bodi! (((hugs)))