a little for them, a little for me

i did a little online browsing over at kitson today.

here are some sweet finds for the girls (and for myself)

cute, colorful animal crayons for hadley in a few months
though caroline hasn't been to paris yet, i know she will one day. she's classy like that. 'not-for-parents: paris- everything you wanted to know' could teach her a thing or two about it before she becomes the world traveler

and look at this cute pocket doodle book for girls. the travel size makes it easy to take anywhere. caroline, the creative artist she is, bores quickly. this book just might occupy her a bit in the car or at restaurants
and not to forget me...
how awesome are these marc jacob shoes! they call them rubber shoes. you know they are so a jelly shoe. love them! the orange is my favorite, though green is cute too

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