in reality

two weekends ago i was lucky enough to get to go to florida with my awesome girlfriends. the original plan for the trip was to run in the disney princess half marathon. what it ended up being for me was just a weekend off, no exercise what so ever. i started running last october. by december i had bursitis in both knees, so training was off. the pain was horrific. the worst being going up or down stairs. i walked like an 80 year old lady. no way was i going to be able to do the half but no way i was going to miss out on the already planned girls trip.

so i went and didn't run. i went for the company and the time off! of the six of us to go on the trip, 3 of the girls still ran. what an impressive feat for them. i was a super proud friend and showed my support by sleeping in the morning of their run while they were up at 3am. nice.

here we are at wolfgang pucks saturday night. what a hot bunch of ladies, right!

so here is what gets me about motherhood. i looked forward to this trip for months. months i tell you. i actually looked forward to the 7 hour car ride that did not involve entertaining two children in a small space. i looked forward to receiving my food at a restaurant and proceeding to eat it right away... still warm. i looked forward to sleeping past 6:30am, without any night wakings. i looked forward to shopping and trying on clothes alone in the dressing room. i looked forward to sitting on my butt watching tv. i looked forward to going to the movie theatre to see something other than a cartoon (saw wanderlust... a bit crude but so freakin hilarious. you must go see it). i looked forward to having conversations with my friends without any interruptions. i planned on doing all of it.

and i did do it all.

the reality of it was that we left on a friday morning and by friday night, i was already missing my girls (and the hubby). i missed them lots actually. there is such a build up for a kid-free weekend get away. so maybe it does end up being fun and stress free but there are so many other emotions that come up along the way. mainly just missing the girls, wondering what they are doing, and whether they miss me too.

how could i have only been gone less than 3 days and missed my family so much already! it just seemed crazy to me but i think that is just part of being the mom, right.

so in the end i did have a great time with my friends but my next half marathon attempt will be in nashville this september. maybe i will only go for one night, rather than two.

and i was 100% certain when i got home that the family did in fact miss me (but not as much as i missed them!).

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