she is the happy birthday girl

happy birthday to sweet cheeks!

today she is 7.


the last 7 years have flown by in what feels like 7 minutes.

mommy and daddy love you so much. we are so proud of you and the little girl you are. not a day goes by that we aren't in awe of the amazing things you accomplish. your generosity, compassion, and sweet spirit are only a few of the wonderful attributes that we admire in you.
thank you for being such an overall terrific kid.
thank you for being the best big sister in the world.
we love you. always. no matter what you do.
love, mommy & daddy

sweet cheeks at 7 years old-

  • weighs 48 lbs

  • is 48.5 inches tall

  • is a string bean

  • is in the first grade

  • loves her baby sister

  • favorite school subject is math

  • does math for fun! that's right, i said fun

  • is in the discovery program at school, which is a gifted program

  • is an awesome student

  • enjoys riding her bike

  • climbs trees

  • is a super fast runner

  • plays with her barbies and american girl dolls

  • has a lot of friends

  • watches jessie, austin & ally, phineas & ferb, and good luck charlie

  • is reading chapter books. her favs are ivy & bean and junie b books

  • is a perfectionist

  • is stubborn but i can't complain since i know where she gets it from

  • is an awesome helper to me

  • has the best sense of humor of any kid i know

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Ginny said...

She is a sweetie, just like her mother!

JD said...

Happy Birthday Sweet Cheeks!! :-)