month 9

i am pretty sure that on a daily basis i am still surprised by the fact that i am a mother of two. it is just crazy how time seems to just take these huge jumps, chunks at a time. same thing happens on this blog... it just jumped forward from month 7 to month 9, totally by passing month 8.

so hads in her 9th month:
  • weighs 18.9 lbs
  • drinks 5 bottles a day, at 7 ounces each. the exception being her night bottle which she is down to 4 ounces now. maybe before she is one will we have her over night feedings!
  • is still on prevacid 15mg a day
  • eats such a variety of foods. way more than i would have ever dreamed of given caroline when she was 9 months. plus, she eats lots of it. she has a great appetite for table foods
  • favorite foods include spaghetti, bagels, mango, and watermelon
  • she will actually eat baby food now. love those little squeezable packages. she just self feeds w/ those. so convenient for traveling.
  • still loves puffs
  • loves playtime with her sister
  • loves playing cars
  • became a world traveler when she went to jamaica
  • stands still, on her own, for a few moments at a time
  • claps, claps, and claps. a favorite song of hers is "if you're happy and you know it," though the version in our house is "if you're haddie and you know it." she claps every time.
  • loves to dance
  • if you say "arms up" to her, she expects to be tickled
  • gives high-fives
  • loves to knock over blocks after we've stacked them
  • talks a lot and even enjoys hearing herself scream a bit
  • prefers to be held by either mommy or daddy
  • says mama. and i am pretty sure she means me
  • waves
  • crawls everywhere. every. where.

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Ginny said...

I can't believe she is almost a year old, and for that matter, that her sister is almost seven years old. They are both so sweet!