little seed

i am so happy to have such a great little children's store so close to where i work. the store is called seed factory and it is located in the west side off of 14th street. immediately when you walk in the store you have this strong sensation to buy everything. i absolutely can not leave empty handed. it's pretty much impossible.

they sell some really great names there like dwell, tea, see kai run, petit collage, blabla, and so much more. one of the best aspects of the store though is their massive selection of amazing children's books. so many great ones. i promise if you went into this store, it would easily become a favorite of yours.

here is what i left with-

blabla party invitations for caroline's 7th birthday slumber party. i didn't even know blabla made paper goods.

see kai run-smaller: adele which i mentioned wanting to get for hadley in another post. so happy they had them there. the only thing is in person the shoe is more of a mustard color. just as sweet though. hads is actually wearing them at school today.

school years- a family keepsake i thought this might be a cute way to remember caroline's elementary years. right now my process is tossing everything from kindergarten and first grade into a large white ikea bin. hopefully this book will motivate me to organize it all a little better.

pura vida- got this little bracelet for sweet cheeks. pura vida donates 1% of each sale towards a foundation for protecting and preserving the world's oceans. gotta love a cause, right.

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