4 years old

yesterday sweet cheeks turned 4 years old. how on earth did we get here? where has the time gone? really, it was just yesterday that the husband and i were rocking sweet cheeks to the sound of our oven vent or running bath tub trying to calm her colicky nights. now i am the mother of a lip gloss collecting, purse carrying, smart with a little sassy attitude 4 year old.

she started the day with a candle and chocolate donut while the husband and i sang happy birthday. she blew out the candle, ignored the donut, and went right for the gifts. she got the barbie peek-a-books from us. her choice of course.

sweet cheeks and i then went to claire's to get her ears pierced. we got there, and she changed her mind. she has now decided to do it when she is 5. she got a purse and chap stick instead. i was fine with that decision.

later that day, my parents came down to celebrate with us. sweet cheeks tried on her new soccer uniform for them, and decided to go outside to play for a bit. she, the husband, and her grandpa played for a while. so much that sweet cheeks worked up a sweat. didn't know she could do that! it was so cute watching her play. she is really going to enjoy it on saturday with all of her friends.

we ended our night (in her 3rd outfit of the day) at our favorite tuesday night pizza place. it was a great time, and the restaurant even sang 'happy birthday' to her.

after pizza, sweet cheeks always hits the gumball machine. every week she hopes for pink but never gets it. until lasts night! she actually got a pink gumball! she was so freakin excited over it. it is the small things in life sometimes.

sweet cheeks with her grandma and grandpa (notice her mouth full of pink gum)

happy birthday to my one and only sweet cheeks, the girl who made her daddy and mommy the happiest and proudest people in the whole world. what a big accomplishment for someone so small!


Sara said...

What a fun day! Love her "4" birthday outfit too- adorable!

aka Molly said...

No, no, no to rolled up jeans!! I too saw Katie Holmes wearing them last fall and assumed it was "the latest fashion" but was hoping against hope that she was just reliving the good ol' days. Ugh, is she even old enough to relive the 80's?