glory days

this weekend was absolutely beautiful outside. we had to take full advantage of it by doing a lot of outside activities. sweet cheeks did some scooter & bike riding, ball playing, as well as her barbie jeep riding. she is doing much better driving her jeep these days. she occasionally still forgets to look forward, comes close to crashing, and then scares herself out of riding anymore. she then offers me a good excuse as to why she can't keep riding, such as "my legs are tired." she makes me laugh so much.

here are just a few of my favorite pics from our outside fun on saturday-

sweet cheeks with bodi outside. she is sure giving our dogs a run for their money lately. we are continually telling her to ease up on her hugs and stop strangling them. they do great with her though and she sure loves playing with them.

saturday evening, the husband, sweet cheeks, and i met my sister, her husband, and 2 kids out for dinner to celebrate the two husbands birthdays. it was such a fun time. the food was pretty tasty but the company was the absolute best part. considering we were at the restaurant for 2 hours, the kids did a great job of behaving as well.

thought this picture of sweet cheeks with one of her cousins was a cute one. i wish i would have had the waiter take a big group shot! why didn't i think of that then.

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aka Molly said...

SC's hair is getting so long!