tones of home

a post not about sweet cheeks. this is rare.

i was in the 11th grade when my sister went off to college. i, jealous, remained at home. thankfully she was good to me and let me come over often to visit and stay with her. she was kind to do so considering i still had braces and the only make up i wore at the time was eye liner. i will quote gary jonas for when i describe my eyebrows, "they looked like they were drawn in with a sharpie." why didn't i pluck my eyebrows till i was 18! i loved being with my sister, and felt beyond cool because i was hanging with her and her college friends.

it was during that time that my sister introduced me to the band dinosaur jr. we listened to the cd 'where you been" so much that year. i fell in love with the song "what else is new," and could listen to it over and over. even after graduation from high school, into my early twenties, we would listen to that band when we were hanging out or when we were partying like rock stars. ahhh.. the parties, the fun, the craziness. a short period of time in my life when i rocked at playing quarters and late nights were so easy to do.

on my way to work this morning, tired of the humdrum monotony of the radio, i decided to listen to a cd. what did i put in? dinosaur jr. i haven't listen to that cd in quite awhile, but of course hadn't forgotten any of the lyrics. while i sat in my car at what seemed to be a very LONG traffic light, i really listened to the cd. i was surprised when i found myself questioning if dinosaur jr was good music or not. his voice was a bit odd and cracky. why was i drawn to this music back then, and why do i want to listen to it now?

i think what it all boils down to is memories and what i am comfortable in. i loved that period in my life. i loved living with, and being with, my sister and best buddies nonstop. you know who you are. i loved my new found freedom, though i was still quite responsible. it was such an amazing time in my life. one that i do not want to forget. so i think it is totally the music of that time that i like to associate with because it is the music that turns on the memories for me. they play so clearly in my head when the music is on.

it isn't only dinosaur jr the evokes this feeling. oh no. there are so many bands like pearl jam, rage against the machine, nirvana, weezer, green day, mazzy star, rem, the cure, toad the wet sprocket, fiona apple, oasis, veruca salt, the cranberries, and blind melon.

that is all i can think of at the moment.

i guess the point that i am questioning is whether some of the music then was good or was it what was going on at that point in my life that made it good, and makes it enjoyable still?

(funny how the sound of music can evoke the good memories but the smell of liquor can evoke bad ones.)


Beth said...

That is too funny! I went to the Dinosaur Jr. concert with my brother at the Roxy right around the time you were hangn' with your sister. By the way, they were really bad in concert! I really liked them too, before the concert. I decided after that that I would stick to their CD :)

aka Molly said...

Remember the Rollins Band concert and our attempt at the mosh pit?!