just a swingin'

the husband, sweet cheeks, and i, along with some family, went to the circus a few weekends ago. ever since, my child is continually trying to "perform." and by perform, i don't just mean entertain. the girl is trying crazy things. she asked me the other day to hold one end of our dog's tie-out cable, the other end being attached to the tree, while she walked on it. (the tie-out's are for when we are in the front yard playing so they do not run off, not something they are always on. my girls are strictly inside pets) i told her though the tight rope walker made it look easy, it really wasn't. the fact that it wouldn't really hold her up anyway was besides the point.

the husband put up a make-shift swing in the front yard for sweet cheeks after he grew tired of seeing her try to swing from the dog's cable. immediately, as soon as she got onto that swing, the tricks began. kneeling, standing, legs out high, legs out low, one handed, backwards, on her belly, she tried it all. thankfully so far, no injuries have resulted. the funny thing is that she is so serious about it. she really thinks she can do it. needless to say, she is quite entertaining to watch.

thought i would get some pics of my other girls, blue and bodi-

we all know i can not cook. anytime the husband is away for dinner, it is always a toss up as to what sweet cheeks and i will eat. our choices are usually limited to spaghetti, ravioli, soup, hot dogs, or sandwiches. not a vast selection. so last night i gave her the chore of selecting what our menu would consist of. she chose macaroni & cheese, edamame, and cream cheese & jelly on toast. nice variety right. so i let her make the edamame and sandwich. the edamame is just microwaved but she loves doing it all herself, even loves sprinkling on the salt. i toasted her bread, but she was in charge of putting the cream cheese and jelly on herself. she worked very hard for about 10 minutes to get that cream cheese to cover the toast. in the end, she made her own sandwich and ate half of it. that is good for her.

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aka Molly said...

I'm just glad somebody else will say they can't cook! I will no longer feel so alone!