the fresh maker

i am probably the last one to know about the mentos soda geyser. i was at a really cute new stationery shop in the highlands called paper source. (love this store!) they sell so many beautiful things, but they also sell lots of quirky kids items. the mentos soda geyser was one of them.

i knew sweet cheeks would have fun doing this experiment (as well as eating one of the mentos) with her daddy.

set up-

putting in the 7 mentos-

blurry pic but you can see that the diet soda actually goes pretty high up-


she will be 4 in one week and one day but she still has tantrums!


Sara said...

how cool is that?!
And I am the last to know if you thought you were- I have never heard of this before- but I want one!

aka Molly said...

That seems like a great scientific experiment for SC! The only problem showing my kids that is they'd want to do it over and over again!

Only 3 more days!!!