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do you like jcrew? have you seen their newest catalog?

if yes, then you have seen a lot of something that was once in style, and i guess is again. and quite honestly, i am not sure how i feel about it.

do you know what i am talking about? katie holmes does, as i have seen her sport this look recently.

it is rolled pants!

how do you feel about it?

i so remember this look from years ago. i was probably in the 7th or 8th grade when it was at its height. i was so happy when boot cut and flared legs came out, i swore i would never go back to any thin legged pant again. the wider legs just looked better on me (and most women for that matter). last weekend i bought a pair of jcrew matchstick pants! surprisingly, i love them. probably because they are stretchy. i guess all the rolled pant is doing is bringing the skinny leg in for those who already have so much vested in their straight leg, flared, and wide leg jeans. makes them a bit more versatile i guess.

will you roll (again)?

i don't think sweet cheeks will. she is quite the fashionista though, so i could be wrong.

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Bettina said...

nah...I just can't see myself do the rolled pants again. But I have thought about getting skinny jeans - that's a big stretch for me.