a sunday in the snow

i have seen so many posts and blogs over the last 24 hours of family and friends capturing the main event of our winter in ga. snow. holy cow. we never get snow here. we have heard the weather channel predict it for us many times and always end up with the same result, rain. yesterday they were actually right. we had quite a bit of the pretty white stuff fall and stick. sweet cheeks and her siblings, bodi and blue, frolicked in the snow for a good 20 minutes. seriously, i haven't seen my shepherd move that fast in a long time. the dogs were in heaven. the snow was so wet and slushy that we didn't stay outside for long. sweet cheeks and her dad did get to throw a few tiny snowballs at each other.


check out these crazy cool but not so classic sheets for a crib or toddler bed that i found at kool roomz from a company called pixel. i think they would be fun for a toddler but despite the fact that they are different, don't think i would put my baby boy in a crib with these sheets. might be a bit scary for someone so small to see these odd fish coming at them!

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