cupcake decorating class

after our park trip on saturday, we had a fun bbq out at my sisters house. of course sweet cheeks was excited about this since she would get to play with her cousins. there were also a few other kids over to play with.

i decided to make cupcakes the night before with sweet cheeks for no reason other than the fact that she is really into mixing ingredients right now. half the time she just lists off ingredients to mix like sugar, mustard, ketchup, sprinkles, and flour. it is fun for her, plus it keeps her occupied while i do the dishes. so we decided to bring the cupcakes over to my sister's house for the kids to decorate themselves. we brought icing, chocolate chips, and about 3 different kinds of sprinkles. i think they all really enjoyed it. well, sweet cheeks really enjoyed the decorating part. in the end, she didn't even eat the cupcake. guess she put too much stuff on for her own liking.

let the decorating begin-

licking the icing off the spoon (notice the blue streaks sweet cheek's cousin put in her hair)

after cupcake time, the girls all raided my nieces bedroom for dress up time. they destroyed that girls room and my poor sister got the pleasure of cleaning it all up. i walked in the room one time only to have sweet cheeks shut the door in my face and yell "we're naked in here!"

here the girls are ready for the ball, so they said-

the next day, sweet cheeks and i made banana bread from scratch. she was such a help and we both really enjoyed it. that was on sunday and we finished up the last two pieces of bread at breakfast today. i think we will be making that again soon.

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