where is the cotton candy guy?

sunday we took sweet cheeks out to see a baseball game. again, we were so fortunate with the great weather. it was a bit overcast with temps in the mid 70's. we had a lot of fun with her. we went to the top of the stadium and really enjoyed the view for a while. then we decided to get some lunch and go to our seats. we got the usual hot dogs, chips, and coke. sweet cheeks did not care at all for the food and spent a good 30 minutes watching the every move of all of the cotton candy walking vendors. i would randomly ask her, "where is the cotton candy?" just to see her point them out to me
since she wouldn't take her eyes off of them. we were able to get her to eat quite a
bit of her hot dog with the promise of cotton candy to follow. i think we only stayed about 4 innings, and our home team lost, but it was a great trip.

at the top of the stadium looking around-

they had this long stretch of dirt for the kids to run a base. sweet cheeks stopped about 1/2 way down not quite sure what she was doing, looked around, then resumed running.

watching the game with dad-

hot dog time-

i can only assume by the look on her face that this picture of us was taken after i had removed the cotton candy from her tiny hands.

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Bettina said...

Looks like you guys had a fun time. Love the pictures.