spell my name

i don't even try to deny the fact that i think sweet cheeks is a smarty. then again, i do not know any parent who does not boast on their own child. that is why i love it when sweet cheeks does things that only prove she is a bit above average. today she was doing a little independent play while i was trying to get some laundry & dishes done. i knew she was drawing on her chalkboard easel but wasn't really sure what she was drawing. she then called me over to see what she had been writing! it was her name. i was pretty floored because it was so clear that she really did write her own name. i knew she could do a few of the letters but not all of them. ok, so the line of the "L" was on top and the "N" was a bit squiggly, it was still quite obvious. i gave her the biggest hug and told her how amazing this was, and what a little smarty she is. then i quickly grabbed the camera to document this occasion, the first time sweet cheeks wrote her own name. the catch is, if you want to see the picture, email me and i can share it with you since i don't share sweet cheeks name here.



where my parents will be going tomorrow on a 10 day missionary trip. please keep them in your thoughts & prayers.

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Sara said...

Wow- what a smarty she is, writing her name--Way to go sweet cheeks!