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i am going to post about sweet cheeks in a minute. before i do, i want to share the unfortunate news that my brother received today. my sweet, little 8 yo nephew got the first dna confirmation today that he does have duchenne muscular dystrophy. i am more than heart broken for my nephew. he is such a smart, sweet little boy who does not deserve to have to endure something so horrible. i absolute hate this for him and my brothers family. please keep him in your thoughts and prayers. he is such a sweet kid. i can't stress that enough.


sweet cheek and i were able to venture up to visit my parents this weekend. we had a great visit. all of sweet cheek's cousins were there, including my sweet nephew. they all had a blast running around chasing each other and playing outside. they also had a great time separating boys from girls. each with their own sign on the bedroom doors stating either "no boys allowed" or "no girls allowed." sweet cheeks was able to pick a ton of blueberries with my dad as well.

here is the stash:

sweet cheeks found this enormous magnifying glass in my parents office. i was cracking up at her face in it- (*note her red nails that her daddy painted)

sweet picture of sweet cheeks with her cousin and grandpa (or grandpoo as she kept calling him)

sweet cheeks, evil red eye, and grandpoo-

we had a great visit with my parents. they were even kind enough to keep a few of the grandkids so my sister and i could go out to dinner with two of my cousins. it was a great meal and even better conversations! i will have pics of that meal out to share eventually. waiting for my cousins to send a few pics to me.


i added a little bit to sweet cheek's vanity that i made for her. i added some hooks to the wall to hang her dress up clothes on, a mirror, and a polka dot wall decal. i also emptied one of her book shelves for her dress up shoes and tiaras. her dress up corner is quite cute and she is definitely enjoying it!

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Beth said...

So sorry to hear about your nephew. That is heartbreaking. I will be sure to keep him in my prayers