she's crafty

sweet cheeks is very much into doing arts & crafts. i know i have said that many times before but it is still quite true. so we decided to make another tee, as she has made many before. take note of the shirt she is actually wearing, the cute bright pink one. it has an iron-on guitar and says "uck," though originally it said "rock." i actually bought that cute shirt for her at target. when i brought it home and showed it to her, she responded with "what's on it?" as if to ask me where is all the glitter & pizzazz she has become accustomed to? of course it had none so i let her add her own.(don't worry, i did the actually ironing!) i decided to do the before & after shots of her craftiness at work with the blue tee.

what do you think, should she open her own shop?

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Joann said...

I love that you let SCC do her own shirt,,,, I need to copy this idea!