not for sleeping in

i totally forgot to share photos of sweet cheeks in her pink foam curlers. we found them at walgreens, like $2 for the pack of 10! she was so excited to get them in her hair when we bought them. once out of the bath, her excitement started to diminish. she only wanted me to put 4 curlers in her hair. i told her 4 curlers wouldn't cover much ground on her head but fine, 4 it is. those 4 curlers worked extra hard in the 10 minutes that they lasted on sweet cheeks head. she was fluffying her "curls" quite proudly. i guess we have to work on building up the # of curlers and the length of time she wears them. after having put them in just the front of her head, i seriously had to wonder how i ever slept an entire night with those things on. sure foam is soft but it doesn't make it comfortable for bedtime.

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