phoebe gets a sister


that was the name of my very first cabbage patch doll. i loved her. in fact, i have her still. she lives in our spare bedroom closet, carefully hidden, till a certain toddler is old enough to play with her responsibly. i know it is just a doll but elizabeth meant so much to me at the time, that now when i see her it really brings back so many happy childhood memories.


we all know this is sweet cheeks very first cabbage patch doll that goes absolutely everywhere with sweet cheeks. phoebe entered into sweet cheeks life when she was only 18 months old. now two years later, she is dirty and stained but just still so important to sweet cheeks. she is one of her absolute best friends. i think it is so adorable.

babyland general

the 100% hoakie, original home of the cabbage patch doll. sweet cheeks and i had the chance to visit it on sunday. i wasn't really sure what to expect but it pretty much met my small expectations. now to the 3 foot toddler that was with me, babyland general was totally fun. a doll hospital with everything from a nicu, to school, to labor & delivery room. i have no doubt that we will go back in the near future.

this place was so hands-on. sweet cheeks loved being able to pick up and play with all of the dolls here.

seriously... the hair on this one!

doesn't sweet cheeks just blend here-

we, of course, left babyland general's store with a new dollie, bathtub, and diapers. sweet cheeks was so excited to get home to introduce baby to phoebe. yes, baby is the name sweet cheeks gave her. though she was born with the name kaylee bianca. it was so cute to see her so excited with her two girls together.

sweet cheeks took this picture by herself of the sisters. wow- what a stark difference in the dolls coloring. phoebe is worn but loved, no doubt.

we had a great mother-daughter day together to babyland general.

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Sara said...

Wow- looks like such a fun time! I loved babyland general when I was little. I can't wait to take Catherine some time soon!