saturday in the park

the husband and i took sweet cheeks to the park on saturday to meet up with a few friends. it was absolute perfect park weather. sweet cheeks loved having some friends to chase around as well. i do not doubt that on a daily basis, she gets tired of playing with her parents. so the park was a lot of fun for us, as well as the 100 other kids that were there playing on the cool last day of summer. (so happy we are officially in fall now)

sweet cheeks really rocking the shades as she goes down the slide-

i really had to work on my own issues as a parent when it came to sweet cheeks climbing on this thing. i get so nervous when i envision all the ways she can hurt herself on it but I really wanted to let her climb it to feel that great sense of accomplishment once she reached the top. she did great. my heart raced every time she did it, but she really was careful and always made it to the top booboo free.

going down the slide with her friend-

this park that we go to is a really fun park with several different age range play sections. that being said, i have always thought that the large rocks were really poorly placed. no need to have them at the park, right in the middle of two play sections that the kids run back and forth from. anyway, they make for good balance practice i guess because sweet cheeks and her friends were continually walking & crawling from one end to the other.

the rock climb- she is quite the athletic one wouldn't you say!

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Sara said...

the rock walking part I laugh at- it's true how poorly placed these huge rocks are...but these 2 sure did have fun on them...of course I gasped every time the little one would venture over to them! It was a fun park trip!