these are too cute

i have been doing a bit of online previewing, but not shopping (just yet!), for some new fall shoes for sweet cheeks. i have found lots of cute ones, lots of not-so-practical ones, and quite a bit of i-just-gotta-get-her-these!

quite a few cute ones-

morgan & milo

merrell has so many great ones!

not so practical-

i gotta get her these-

pedipeds is a brand of shoes that i had sweet cheeks wearing when she was crawling and first starting to walk. the brand now has pediped flex, which is a toddler shoe. i definitely need to get these soft and terribly cute boots for sweet cheeks.

these are made by naturino. i love the idea of red & sparkly, while still comfortable. i read a lot of positive comments on these shoes. what little girl wouldn't love these.

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Sara said...

These shoes are adorable- I love the pediped boots a lot too!