and the clouds burst to show daylight

sweet cheeks and her daddy spent some quality time together this past saturday. they had a picnic at the park, played frisbee and ball, and all around enjoyed the company of one another. i was sad that i missed out on such a fun family time, but so glad that they are able to do things like that. i know they both absolutely loved it.

sweet cheeks, her smile, and the glorious park scenery-
(sorry for the poor phone quality picture!)

after having just previewed my post, it almost sounded like sweet cheeks and her dad only have weekend visits, like we are a divorced family. of course, those of you that know us know that isn't the case. though, after this one particular ford commercial, the husband and i often joke about "thanks for inviting me this weekend." i realize divorce is not a laughing matter, especially for the kids involved.
the commercial was just odd to us. see if you feel the same-

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