to share or not to share

sweet cheeks had a great tuesday night. her cousin and pop came over for some pizza and playtime. the girls played wonderfully together. normally, they play like siblings. by that i mean they play well part of the time, then get a bit tired of the other and fight. thankfully the playing part always last much longer. well last night was a definite exception to the rule because the girls played perfectly together the entire time. not one time did they fight, or not share with each other. i thoroughly enjoyed watching them have fun.

here is sweet cheeks doing what has now become one of her favorite pastimes- reading the toy catalogs and picking out toys for santa to bring her! she does it every night now. so she was proudly showing her cousin how to scan for great gifts. why does she always pick out the most expensive ones though? i think they need to come out with toy catalogs with gifts $25 and under!

proudly showing off her new noodle necklace that she had made in school-

just playing-

i have no idea what sweet cheeks is so fascinated with on this plastic plate.

she loves to cook this one. she definitely gets it from her father.

all dressed up and smiling pretty with pop-

i laughed because the girls were getting dressed up to get married. i absolutely love the simplicity of childhood.


i was scanning etsy for a cute christmas shirt for sweet cheeks. this one from pudge caught my eye-
too cute! makes me wish i could sew, as it looks quite simple, but i can't!

these ones aren't holiday-like but i still thought they were quite cute:

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