why she is smart

sweet cheeks is smart. i love reminding her of that. lately, i wonder if i am telling her this too much. her new response to me is "i know everything." on saturday, she was doing something that led me to my usual statement to her, "your so smart!" to which she quickly replied, "i know everything because i am three and tall."


sweet cheeks sat through her first entire movie at the theatre! we have taken her twice before, to see "horton hears a who" and "shrek 3," but only made it half way through each. friday night, sweet cheeks and I, along with her aunt and two cousins, went to see the movie "madagascar: escape 2 africa." i thought the movie was hilarious and would highly recommend it. sweet cheeks really enjoyed it as well. that and the fact that she was for the first time allowed to eat popcorn.


a few new pics from over the weeked-

you can see that sweet cheeks has wavy hair(no we didn't crimp it!), which she absolutely adored on herself. after her bath saturday night, we braided her hair. she woke up on sunday in love with herself. it was too cute!

here she is last night coloring before bed-

graham cracker snack on the couch while watching cinderella-

just a cute shot-

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