sweet cheeks and i had a great girls day together on saturday. it started with me taking her to my office. you wouldn't think it would be such a fun event for her, but she absolutely loves coming with me. plus she could easily run around since no one else was in. after that, i took her over to krispy kreme to see donuts being made. you can see them on the conveyor belts from dough, to fried, to glazed. then we got to eat some! after that we went shopping for a winter coat for her. found a great one at sear's lands end, plus it was 30% off! they had some really great colors but sweet cheeks, of course, opted for pink-

after that, we went to the movies.. again! this time we saw the movie "bolt." it was a cute movie, and sweet cheeks made it through the entire thing(too bad her aunt didn't!-haha), but it was not as cute as "madagascar" was. pretty sure sweet cheeks would not have been interested if miley cyrus wasn't the voice of penny in it.

all in all, it was a great saturday.

she made me some "donuts" the next day, while wearing her krispy kreme hat-

last night our town had a little pre-christmas spectacular. well, spectacular is really an exaggeration. though they did have a little parade, some food & fun, face painting, santa, and the lighting of the town tree. it really was a fun time since we went with a few friends and their children as well.

waiting for the parade to start-

yippy for face painting. sweet cheeks was really hoping they would have it-

the holiday snowman which she did not want me to wash off at the end of the night. i wasn't about to let the paint get all over her bed-

sweet cheeks and her friend, with their faces painted, waiting for the tree to light up-

and finally with the count down, on daddy's shoulders, the lighting of the tree. it was a festive evening.

now we are officially in christmas mode. we even put up our little tree last night!

now i need to find a cute advent calendar. i think it will be a good way to put time in perspective for sweet cheeks on just how long it will take for christmas to finally get here. any suggestions on some cute, interactive ones?

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Rikki said...

I've seen some awesome advent calenders at Target lately. They aren't like throw away calenders though they are made of wood and are really nice.

BTW I love your blog and all the cute clothing websites you post!