been high in the rockies under the evergreens

we were really high in the great smokies under the pines & oaks, but that just didn't sound quite as good as billy joel's lyrics. i will always have my parents to thank for my appreciation of great music such as billy joel, elvis, & linda ronstadt.

so my sister and i took a trip up to chattanooga to see my little brother at college. my parents and older brother decided to meet us there. it was a great little reunion. no kids, so we were actually able to hold many interesting conversations. in fact, my favorite part of the trip was saturday evening at starbucks, sipping on either coffee or hot chocolate, while all just talking and enjoying the moment.

i have gone back and forth on how to write this post not only about my family, but to them as well. it is almost a strange sense of pressure to make this post about our family weekend a good one.

i will say this- that my family is like all families. we all love each other, support each other, and learn from each other. we do not always understand one another, talk to each other, or see one another. i love them all so so much but do not appreciate any of them to the extent that i should.

all of us on a bridge.

i was pleasantly surprised at just how beautiful parts of chattanooga really were-

my older brother, younger brother, me, and my sister-

close dorm room quarters-

the siblings-

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