a family and then some

we were fortunate enough to have the opportunity to spend the weekend with the husband's family at callaway gardens. sweet cheeks absolutely loved every minute of it. we take this weekend trip yearly, and it continually gets more enjoyable as sweet cheeks grows. she had so much fun playing non-stop with her cousin as well. all in all, it was a great weekend full of many fun activities like biking, minigolf, running, playing, coloring, and lots of eating!

sweet cheeks has never played mini golf before. i think she hit the ball as if she were playing shuffle board-

playing in the sand-

riding her bike- she has actually become quite good at this, with the steering and peddling-

sweet cheeks and her cousin had me take a picture of their babies. though, the pic of the girls turned out really cute-

nana was giving them food for the fish and ducks. this was definitely one of her favorite things to do while at callaway.

attempting to jiggle the machine to get more food out. a trick that her nana taught her-

riding on daddy's shoulders. no child ever gets tired of this-

the girls were just running around blowing off some energy after dinner one night-

this picture is a bit crooked but not bad considering it was sweet cheeks that took the picture-

one of the dinners was an outside bbq. needless to say, it was on the chilly side so sweet cheeks warmed up with some hot cocoa. too cute!

and if you are wondering, yes, sweet cheeks did wear her princess tiara 99% of the time we were there. she is too much this one. the crown absolutely fits the personality.

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Sara said...

Great pictures- glad y'all had a nice time!! We love Callaway too!