could you guess

i have a question-
why do nuts cost so much?
i do not buy nuts much (mixed, pistachio, whatever) too often simply because they aren't a cheap snack. i just don't know why they aren't?

crib bedding

i was doing some research and came across a few really cute crib bedding sets. i do not mean cute as in themey bedding sets either like pooh, mickey, safari, or trucks.

and like nuts, it is amazing how expensive crib bedding sets can be.

i then came across a site that had what i thought to be some really cute and simple sets at a fairly low cost.

(thought this one looked like it was made by the dwell brand but it wasn't)

so could you guess where these cute bedding sets are from?

i wouldn't have


go and see for yourself.


Sara said...

Wow- what great finds!!

Jeremy said...

think you'll need one of these lovely sets anytime soon?!

look, sister, i visited your blog! :)