"i got a rock"

poor charlie brown! nothing brings about the spirit of the holidays better than those good ole' charlie brown shows. sweet cheeks and i did watch "it's the great pumpkin, charlie brown." she did enjoy it but she definitely won't appreciate it till years from now.

so we did take sweet cheeks out to my sister's for our yearly pizza & trick-or-treat party. she had a ball. all of the kids there (5 total) had a great time and the parents loved watching them.

so much candy, so much fun.

sweet cheeks eating pizza for dinner (we kept with the halloween theme, healthy, when it came to dinner!)

all of the kids around the table-

and for fun, i thought i would throw in the same 5 kids around the same table in 2006! we missed 2007 due to bronchiolitis. they are all growing so fast.

what great costumes: woopie cushion, hotdog, sleeping beauty, cinderella, and a witch.(seriously- look at sweet cheeks pose. she cracks me up)

sweet cheeks as aurora-

the girls together-

after the trick or treating ended, sweet cheeks and her cousin put on their pjs and colored together. of course it was a photoshoot waiting to happen with them in their matching pajamas. they are so cute together.

all in all, sweet cheeks had a very fun halloween.

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