lost camera = no pictures

i haven't posted in a week. i took time off for the holiday and didn't do much on the computer at all in our 5 days off.

and now that i am ready to do a new post...

i can not find my camera. so, no new pictures. and i had so many good ones to share. pictures from my girls dinner out with my sister and two friends. pictures from turkey day at my parent's house. pictures of sweet cheeks playing with her 6 cousins. i hope i find it.


leah remini is hilarious. i loved her on "the king of queens" and i loved her on the web shows "in the motherhood." if you haven't watched it before, you absolutely must. you will laugh your pants off. she is freakin hilarious. i even remember her from her old "saved by the bell" days. i also love how normal she seems, despite the weird scientology thing. i remember reading that her 4 year old still used the bottle at night. i disagreed with it, but hey, she is just a mom and that does not make you perfect as we all know. on her blog, she mentioned carrying her little girl. again, 4 is a little old to be carried, but our babies are still our babies. i love carrying sweet cheeks at her old age of 3.

i also heard that ABC will develop "in the motherhood" for its channel, without leah remini. big mistake! though chelsea handler is cast and she is pretty funny herself.

i was sad when i saw this picture though. yuck to her being a smoker!

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