OMG is she smart

sweet cheeks is really interested in writing letters lately. i knew she could do a few letters, mainly the ones in her name, but i really had no clue just how many she could write.

almost all of them.

i loved watching her do it. however, i was a bit sad at how critical she was of herself when she didn't do a "perfect" H on one sheet. then again, i have never doubted that she was an early perfectionist.

sorry for the not so great photo. i took a picture of it, rather than scan it.


i know a lot of moms.

i know a lot of moms to toddlers.

i know a lot of moms to toddlers who have tantrums.

i know a lot of moms, to toddlers who have tantrums, who are struggling with them daily just as the husband and i are!

it can be tough.


Sara said...

How impressive- get ready Harvard!!

burgiboogie said...

Thanks for visiting my blog! What a sweety you have there, and a smarty pants to boot:)