happy new year

this post contains no photos (too lazy to go grab the camera!)

happy new year!

i can not believe that 2008 has come and gone so quickly. i hate the saying "time flies," but nothing can sum it up better than that. i am sad when i sit and think just how fast it does go by though. every new year is just another reminder that my sweet cheeks is growing up. no longer the baby she once was but now rather an amazingly smart and silly toddler that still lets me snuggle with her. i asked her tonight to go backwards, to be small again, but she refuses. apparently she is enjoying the growing up part of life. she enjoys the independence that comes along with it. in '08, sweet cheeks accomplished so many things. here are a few-
1. spell her name
2. write her name
3. pick out her own clothes
4. count above 30
5. know & write the alphabet
6. feed the dogs
7. play in her room (by herself)
8. hang up her own clothes and put them in her closet
9. balance & jump on one foot
10. color & draw in detail

i can not help but be so proud of her.

i am very interested to see what 2009 has to bring to our family, as well as for us all individually. hopefully one small thing that will happen for me is my finger nails will grow, as that is my new years resolution. i plan on giving up the habit of picking them... hopefully.

the tree is down. sweet cheeks was so sad to see it go. i am glad to have reclaimed our living room again though.

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